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Chenille Headband

designed by Kim Guzman Jun. 1998

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Technique: Regular Crochet


  • Hooks: E and G
  • Chenille - one skein
  • Plastic Headband (no teeth)
  • Glue
  • Tapestry Needle
  • 8 pony beads
With larger hook and leaving a long tail, ch 124. In the 5th ch from hook, work dc. Dc in each remaining ch across. (121 dc total). Ch 1. Turn the work so that it's facing you like a ladder. You are going to crochet ON each dc post, not on the top of the work as you would normally. Work 4 sc on the post of the first dc. Flip your work around (not over--you will be working on the same side). Skip 1 dc post and work 4 sc around the next post. Continue working in this manner (4 sc around post, then skipping one post) until you reach the end. This will make a zigzag effect on the top. Fasten off, leaving a long tail.

Now, turn your work over to the reverse side. You will see that the dcs that you didn't work on will be poking out. Take your headband and carefully weave it in between the unworked dc and the worked dc. Once the piece is completely on the headband, adjust it so that it is evenly placed. You'll need to put some glue under the chenille at the ends of the headband to hold the chenille to the headband. After this dries, you can then use the long tails of chenille to weave together the ends.

Now for the bow embellishment. With the smaller hook (leave a long tail), ch 5 and join to make a loop. Ch 1, *sc in loop, ch 2, sl st with a bead, ch 2. Repeat from * 7 more times and sl st into first sc. (8 loops total) Finish off, leaving a long tail. Hold the loops apart from each other so that you have four loops on one side and four loops on the other. Wind the two tails around the center and bind off. This makes a bow. Attach the bow to the chenille head band (I attached mine a little off center) with the tapestry needle.

Note To sl st a bead, follow these instructions: When you get ready to add the bead, insert hook into bead, YO and draw through. Now, continue with your sl st.

I've made this in cotton (with 81 dc, instead of 121), and although it was a bit bulky, Brianna loves it too.

The model above is my daughter, Brianna. The headband was made using denim blue chenille by Chenille Sensations and silver pony beads.

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Note: From time-to-time, there could be mistakes in my patterns no matter how much they're tested and tech-edited. Mistakes can happen in writing, tech-editing or during pattern layout. If you find a mistake, please feel free to email me. Until computers start designing and writing patterns, mistakes will happen.

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