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Welcome to CrochetKim.com! My name is Kim Guzman and this is the home of my very first website, created long before Kimane Designs, well before I became a full-time designer. This website contains my very first attempts as a fledgling pattern writer.

When I created my new website, I was tempted to remove this one. But, thanks to Ravelry, I know that people are still making and enjoying my patterns from so long ago; patterns that have withstood the test of time.

Who could have known that the Personalized Baby Afghan I first created 15 years' ago would still be swaddling babies across the world after so many years? Or that my Angel Square would be included in so many comfortghans given to people all over the world to help ease their pain or hardship?

Over the years, my pattern writing has improved from the way I wrote patterns in the beginning. My camera has certainly changed. Yarns have been discontinued. I no longer have the projects I made so long ago and, as much as I would like to provide current photography, I'm afraid my schedule wouldn't allow it. Looking at some of the old photos, I can see my daughter at 8 years old, and she's now 23 and has a child of her own!

I am honored that so many of you are using my patterns. I will continue to provide these patterns for as long as I am able. When possible, I will be adding more patterns for you to enjoy.

Please browse around and see what's new at CrochetKim.com!



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